Welcome to Prism Mortgage LLC, Chicago's leading group of financial advisors here to serve your entire mortgage lending needs. Strict, new federal and state regulations have imposed dramatic changes upon the mortgage lending process. These changes continue to come at a seemingly endless flow, imposing challenges on lenders and borrowers alike.

Our team can help you and your family even in these dire times. At most brokerage firms, this same promise is made, but the way in which Prism Mortgage goes about the home-owning process is much different than our competitors. We call ourselves financial advisors, for our process of doing business comes out of our philosophy about American Dream: your home is the single biggest purchase you will make, and we want to help you protect and maintain your nest egg.

So how is our business practice unlike anyone else's? It's simple:

In the economic environment over the last few years, the process of receiving loans and mortgages in conjunction with the failing economy has made it difficult for home owners to stay on track with mortgage payments. Further, the refinancing process has drastically changed; when rates are lowered, brokers help their clients refinance at the new rate, but neglect to account for the extra money home owners will pay in investing in a new mortgage over the same term of time as the original. The advisors of Prism Mortgage, instead, help clients invest in multiple amortizations opportunities that are at the same rate or lower from their original investments.

Pursuing a mortgage is one of life's most important decisions that will impact your life for years. That is why Prism Mortgage seeks to engage in developing individual relationships with our clients so that we can accommodate your short and long term financial goals. Everyone is in different financial situations and each mortgage lending experience should be catered to suit those nuanced needs. Our philosophy may seem simple, and it is. It's good business done for the right reasons. We hope you will reach out to us at Prism Mortgage, Mortgage Lending Made Crystal Clear®.

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